My first montage

Hi I have created my first battlefield montage:

what do you think? please subscribe and let me know what you think of it, and any ideas for my 2nd montage.



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Please take this as constructive criticism.

Montages should be pushing a message. Some have 3 minute videos of nothing but editing and a 15 second clip. others show serious helo skill or show epic mowdowns. They are trying to tell something.

Bottom line, if you are not going heavy on the editing, then you need epic clips. One knife at a time does not keep peoples attention.

I'll be honest. I didn't like it. But that doesn't mean that you're bad. When I watched this I was under the impression that you simply recorded for an hour long play session and just found kills and put them in there. What this montage is lacking is some cool kills. I just also wanted to say that you should try not to use red dot. It looks like you really really like to use rocket launchers. If you didn't use red dot you could have 2x the amount of rockets. That is, unless you play on a crappy TV, then you're going to need all the help you can get. Playing Battlefield on a standard def is just... hard. Oh, and at 1:07; thats why I hate normal core.

@EYEB4LL95 thanks for the tip, will bare this in mind for my next montage :)

Don't get me wrong,i'm no expert and have never done one before,just what ive seen before.Keep em coming mate.

I think it started slow and then picked up as it went along.Not bad,Maybe some more upbeat tunes and more running round killing near the start would give it more excitement factor?

Actually looking back i think it just looked slow from about 1;48 - about 3;49,i think just the editing,just when you got in choppers and tanks mainly it kinda looked like you was just playing the game rather than quick paced kills that ive seen on other ones.I think thats what makes them look more exciting.I enjoyed watching though.