My first impressions

First off... Wow does the game look stunning!! Secondly glad to see EA learned there lesson and has picked up their game; I have yet to be dropped from a game. Let's hope it stays like that. Let me first start out with the menu. They brought back war tapes huge plus. Secondly the clarity of the background image is startling. It is good to know that Dice put in a lot of effort into the main menu, because as of right now I have played the entirety of he beta there. It can only get better for me, from this point on.


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Agreed... I enjoyed the beta,can't wait to pick up my copy on October 25th :)

My only complain so far. I wished they left prone out of the game.

I sense an abundance of sarcasm..

^^ so do I. Stunning? LMAOOoo this game looks like it belongs in the Rainbow 6 era.