My feedback thus far

I've been playing for a few days now and here is a list of
things that I noticed that need to be addressed.

I know that these have probably been posted, but the more
people post about it the more DICE will be aware.


1. Falling through the map. This happens most of the time at
the beginning of the round. Over by objective A there is a small rocky hill
right before the concrete wall (attacking side). Every time I would walk
through certain areas here I would fall through the map.


2. Sprinting: At times I have to completely stop moving in
order to sprint.


3. ADS: After being shot I am unable to ADS at times. (aim
down sights)


4. Lack of proper animations when re-loading or with the
addition of tactical items, i.e. fore grip.


5. Dead shooter: There have been times that I would be shot
and killed by what appeared to me to be a dead player.


6. Sound drops. Sound goes out or dulls.


7. Tactical flashlight: After a player enters a room using
the flashlight there are "light shards" that remain in mid air.


8. Flying Death. After being killed the player launches across
the map as if hit be a MAC truck.


9. Bi-Pod: Deploys only part of the time on flat surfaces.


10. Revive: At time it seems like if have to be in the prone
in order to revive a player.


11. Screen flashing: At times when in game, the screen will
flash colors, similar to screen tearing.


12. Arming the objective: Sometimes when I try to arm/disarm
the objective I am unable to do so.


That's what I’ve got for right now but I will try to update
this as time goes on. Thanks for reading!


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seems pretty accurate to me! copy/paste this onto the battlelog website

If I were you, Id post this at


Thats where the developers are looking for feedback. But most the stuff you listed has been taken care of as this is an old beta so a lot of it has already been addressed. Nevertheless, it wouldnt hurt posting there.

All those except falling through the map have happened to me. I was wondering what I was doing wrong with the bipod and trying to revive people and it only working sometimes.

Experienced em all too, except not being able to arm M-COM's..I've had no issue with that at all.

Already posted on the battlelog, thought it wouldnt hurt to share with the rest of the community. Heres looking forward to Oct 25TH!!

Ive experienced all of this on my first match......also frame-rate issues  

hate the new knife scheme. RB to equip and RB to knife someone in melee.

Just noticed that at times when i deploy from the customize class screen, my screen appears dark as though i'm looking through sunglasses. Also when i try to load up i get and "unknown eror" message that result in me having to dashboard.