My experience with XBox Music Pass

I have been trying XBox Music Pass on my Nokia Lumia 920 for two weeks now, and it has been a mixed experience.

I like the wide range of music In Xbox Music, but for me the positive sides are being overshadowed by the negative ones.

First of all it’s slow, compared to e.g. Deezer, Rdio or Spotify. From the time I press play, till it actually starts playing, it takes way to long time, some times over 30 seconds.

Second, I can’t play all songs. I can play some albums with Metallica. Others (e.g. The Black Album) will only let me listen to 30 seconds. Then I can try 10 minutes later, and it will play some of the tracks. Others will still only play 30 seconds.

Other artists won’t play at all. I just get an error message (C00D2EE2).

If you, Microsoft, wanna have success with products like Windows Phone and Xbox Music, you really need to do better than you are doing now. As it is now, there are simply too many problems with your products and the services you are providing.



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