My disc won't read

Hey all. So, I have a standalone Undead Nightmare disc that I've had for awhile. It has never given me any problems, but now it is. I put it in, and my Xbox acts like there's no disc in it. It doesn't just read the disc and say that the disc is unreadable, it doesn't even recognize there's a disc in it. I know because I've had games where the screen just says "Unrecognizable disc". So here's what happens:

I put the disc in

I close the tray

It makes one short little *ner* noise. It's the same noise it makes even when you close the tray with no disc in it (it's different than the usual "reading" noise it usual makes when you put discs in it).

Screen says "Open Tray"

I'm really frustrated because I really want to play it. The disc itself is relatively clean and not that scratched, and there are no scratches that should completely stop it from reading. So I'm wondering if any of you have had any similar problems with other games, and know if it's my Xbox or the game. Thank you!


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Ok here is the problem. Even if there is no scratches on it the place where all the data is on the disc is extremely damaged and unreadable . If that is not the problem it's certainly your console and the console can't read the particular disc. The solution is that you could buy a new disc or get your console serviced. If the disc is the problem it can't be fixed.