My controller is sticky bro

my 360 controller has become extremely sticky. It's the material. I have no idea why or how but I've even tried using rubbing-alcohol but it is still sticky. same with dish liquid soap.

It's that weird kind of sticky, where it feels like old soda or something is on it but when you take your hands off, your hands aren't sticky anymore. It's like my hand is only sticky when I'm touching the controller.. but both are clean.  This isn't when I play for a while either.  It's just anytime I touch it this is how it feels.  Even if I'm just holding it for 15 secs it will be sticky.

It reminds me of when we used bleach on some cheap silverwear. Any Ideas?


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Is it the whole controller that's sticky, or the analogue stick itself?

The entire thing.  It's a weird rubbery feel that grows to be sticky after a while.

Hmmm, could the plastic be degrading?

Hope not.  I got it March 2010 and barely used it until now.

My controller is like that after I clean it (- with alcohol wipes), I think it might be the residue from the wipes themselves, but it usually feels normal after a few days.

Try a dry paper towel and give it a good rub down - if it feels a little better afterwards then it probably is residue from the alcohol.

Rubbing-alcohol  is the wrong stuff to use! You need something to clean and not leave a residue. I use a glass cleaner, like windex.