My controller disconnects when firing a gun. How?

I started playing multiplayer and one specific gun keeps making my controller disconnect: The Remington w/ Supressor. For some reason when I fire this, it makes my controller disconnect however for my other guns, it doesn't seems to have an effect on it. Is there a possible reason or is it my vibration setting/battery playing a role in this? I encountered this in WaW but this is my first time seeing it happening on BLOPS 2 and this setup worked fine earlier when I started using it.


I really don't know whats happening here.


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Just kidding. Maybe your controller is reaching its death.

The Remington has alot of recoil :)

I just tested this and I used a different controller and it STILL disconnected me. In fact, if I do anything besides throw an axe, run or knife, my controller will disconnect me. It gotten worse.

Are you using rechargable batteries with vibration set on your controller as this can sometimes cause the problem your are having. Try using normal batteries and see if still happens.

Change your vibration setting. It might help.

You might want to turn off vibration feedback.

Never heard of it this before. I have had a battery pack get loose which always happened in the middle of a firefight. That's why I always use my rechargable pack.