My Code of Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition The Giving Invalid ...

I bought my RE5GE when I redeem the code gave the following error "There is a problem with the offer associated with this code." created an acc on "live us" to try to rescue her, gave the same problem .. I called Microsoft suport to talk about the error. Ai told me to exchange the product in the store, I went out and traded for another sealed gave the same error .. Now I do not know what to do = /


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Don't exactly know what you mean by "created an acc on "live us" to try to rescue her, gave the same problem " but this is probably some personal harware problem that I can't really aid you with.

The only advice I can give you is the code may have already been used if you bought the game used or very bad luck with buying the copy being invalid. Other types of common errors from this game come from having to redownload your profile, buying the extra figurines downloadable content or the copy might have been bought marketed in a different region.

As a last resort try these:
1-Try deleting and redownloading the profile on your xbox, this works for some people.
1.5-Delete the system cache (deletes updates installed on the console), problems either updating the game or console could restrict downloading the content.
2-This is content based, but if you have the extra figurines dlc along with other specific downloads that came in the gold edition it restricts playing certain modes.
3-Xbox Live only allows purchasing of content if it is in the same region as the console when downloading (example: I can't redeem a japanese microsoft point card on a canadian xbox360 account). Somehow this might of slipped past you, but is very rare.

my dlc code for resident evil 5 gold edition

I have the same problem and don't know to do. UK and US accounts doesn't help to.((((((((((((((((((