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well no crap he had to duplicate it has the red brick made out of clay witch we didnt get and that makes me mad shame on u 4j

Awesome city. Are you planning to do anything with the map after you're done with it? To me this would be an awesome Hunger Games map.

No way I would be able to build this without duplicating it would take way too long

Hahahaha... That too.  Also looks like the first pic is actually taken while standing atop the Minecraft sign.  Now I'm thinking of reproducing that sign on my world just to confuse people.

the big MINECRAFT kind of gave it away... anyways, nice start!      next up: a new world?

I don't think he found any clay, or at least not much of it.  This is the tutorial world (we know this because the village on the far left and castle on the far right are what exist in the tutorial world).  There is a brick gazeebo structure in the tutorial world.  You can actually see in the first image that the brick was pulled off of the gazeebo.  So what he did is take the bricks from the tutorial world structure and duplicated the bricks using the duplication glitch.  The duplication glitch is also reflected in the train tracks, which are all powered rails, which provides no benefit to minecart travel (one powered rail combined with 20 standard rail provides equally fast travel) and would only be used if gold is duplicated.  Certainly not judging--just noting that there is not enough clay is any game world at the moment to support the amount of bricks used in the images.  This was done in the Xbox 360 Creative Mode (aka the Duplication Glitch).

Pretty awesome, I really like the building on the right of the last picture.

You have a lot going on in your world. It looks really good. I really like the subtle details such as the small waterfall flowing down the hillside. I also noticed you managed to find some clay on your map, something I've yet to find myself on my main world. Way to go! Nice use of the rail as well, as a fast travel across the waterway.