my break down list of AAs , power ups, specializations how I think its gonna play out in infinity slayer and classic.

this is a list of what i mostly saw in videos and screenshots. idk if i got every single thing thats going to be available and please add anything that i might have missed.

Armor abilities:   thruster pack,  jet pack,  hologram,  hardlight shield

power ups:   active camo,  over shield,  speed boost (available in ordanance drops on infinity slayer, maybe classic slayer as pick ups) 

specializations:   AA Efficiency,  mobility,  firepower,  ammo pack,  resupply grenades,  awareness,  sensor

basically infinity slayer is going to have armor abilities and specializations in the loadouts. one power up in the random weapon drops along with two power weapons to pick from once meter is filled with kills and assists. classic slayer with loadouts might have classic halo with power up and power weapon pickups.


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I'm sure active camo will be inluded in Halo 4 as an amor ability, my thoughts. Everyone is saying the shield will be an OP Armor Ability. I dont think so because unlike armor lock, you can run behind the shield user and kill him with nades, or a weapon from behind. the shield only protects the front side.

I dont think it will be an armor ability because i read somewhere in infinity slayer gametype that someone got an overshield in the weapon drops. To have the overshield and not active camo it doesnt make sense. Maybe it will im not sure and this is all speculation. Also In the mlg tv videos, elamite got speed boost in weapon drops and if that is a specialization, some of them like resupply grenades wouldnt make sense as a weapon drop.

I at least hope Camo isn't an AA this time around, it's really not a bright idea to allow people to be invisible whenever they want even with the lame jammer.

Ya i really dont think active camo will be an armor ability. They had to nerf it to make it not so over powered in reach with the radar jammar and slightly visible when walking. In this game it would be the most useless thing to pick. I noticed that i missed promethean vision on the list and thats another thing that people think is overpowered, to me its not because its still an armor ability, not everybody is going to use it and it drains incredibly fast at about a good 3 seconds and its more of a heat sonar detector (detect through nearby walls and hallways). 343 is still tweaking this too.

Also zesty its been confirmed by walshy an mlg pro explaining that the shield can be destroyed from the front and as well its still an armor ability. Somebody can easily have jet pack and rockets and fire down from above. Its these type of instances were teamwork and picking your poisen on customizing is gonna be a constant fun battling each other. The whole time in a match Nobody is at a disadvantage or an advantage over the other team.

i think these specilizations and amor abilities really add something to the game, reach experimented a bit with the halo 3 equipment in the form of armor abilities, but everyone perfered sprint to anything else. this really mixes it up and add a new level to strategy to halo

I have to ask....


What is the difference between "Thruster Pack" and "Jet Pack"


The both sound like ways to fly

The thruster pack will be used for short bursts of speed in one direction, not limited to vertical movement. Apparently it works for front, back, and side movement as well. Where a jet pack allows the user to hover in the air for a few seconds, the thruster pack will provide a short, explosive burst so that the user may reach a destination quicker. It can be used to close the gap between you and an enemy, getting quickly to cover, an probably adding some more power to a jump.


I'm not sure if the Jet Pack has been confirmed yet, though. Has it been?



Saw the Thruster pack in use finally. It looks like it will be fun.... but also looks like it would get me killed a lot.

I am pretty sure someone said jetpack was returning, check halo4nation it has all halo 4 info