My book shelf s broken!

The book shelf in my house is bugged and I can't get anything in or out, it won't even open. Anyone know a fix for this or am I screwed, there's a book I need in it for a quest and I can't get it out.

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Patch 1.2 broke the bookshelves. Patch 1.3 is supposed to fix it. Just wait until MS approves the patch and they'll be good as new. I hope Beth didn't *** the glitch when they fixed the shelves though.

Michael J

Thank you, kinda sucks i Need to sit on tis quest though.

Any info on weapon racks?


In Whiterun I had 2 swords on the Weapon Rack that is next to the front door..... One day I come home and my Ghostblade became superimposed over my Red Eagle sword. When I went to grab them Ghost blade vanished but Red Eagle was added to my inventory.