My batt 3 for ps3 vs 360 review.

So this year I decided to get a ps3, one of the games I purchased was batt 3, I have been playing it for a few months along with other fps games online.  Recently I got so frustrated with how laggy playing the ps3 online is I traded in all my ps3 games in for the xbox versions.  I put in batt 3 today on the xbox and found several noticable differences.  1) the lag is so terrible on the ps3 along with delayed controller response I often had to aim ahead of people to get a kill.  2) you can't go into party or private chat on ps3.  3) I don't know why but the graphics seam a bit better on xbox also.  After all this time I thought I just sucked at batt 3, but after playing for the first time today on the 360, I found that I am doing 100% better.  So I guess this is what happens when you go for the free online service. 


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The way I see it:

PS3 for varied games

Xbox 360 for competitive games

Wii for varied all audience games

PS3 has some 3a exclusive titles too. I think it's a better machine imo, but that's interesting subzero, glad you can get ur kill on now and enjoy the game more!! Ha!! Kill ya later..

1. The frame rate on the PS3 version doesn't drop to the floor all of the time like it does on xbox. 2. The graphical quality on the PS3 is better (as is the audio quality) 3. PS3 has less dbags. Most people use mics and seem to move for the objectives. Also I never noticed the lag issues you seem to be crying about... but hey dont take my word for it. I had been playing the 360 version for four or five months before I got the PS3 version.

I'm not gonna lie I played battlefield 3 on my cousin's PS3 for like atleast a month. Had no problems. Some days I could say it was smoother then the 360. Actually had a better kill rate on the ps3 and I own a 360... So I guess I have nothing bad to say about the PS3 online play for battlefield 3..( and MW3)

PS3 exclusives are SWEET.....the 'Uncharted' series...'Killzone'....'Resistance' .....

But... But... We have halo!

yeah....gears of war too....I like those games, but SP campaigns's a toss up on which I rather do instead...repeatedly smash my own head in a public bathroom stall door or play COD....both are unpleasant but to which degree is open to debate

halo is no joke man, every gamer has played some halo, dont know if u can even say that about cod


PS3 - Blu-ray & Netflix

360 - everything

Wii - Mario and Tiger Woods

Saved me a TON of cash! Now Im going to hurry over to the EA market and by some more ammo & meds for my Mass Effect 3!! seriouslly though thanks for the post I was considering buying a new Ps3, not anymore..

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