My Batman Suit

ok..admittedly im a button masher...i dont really have a fighting flow so to speak in the game, so needless to say i often get my butt handed to me in fights even if i win them....but heres the Batman outfit is beat the f up!! its got big holes in the can literally see through my cape and the dude is just plain question is...does anyone know if i can repair or just get a new suit in the game later on or will my Batman be nude by the time i get to what i assume will be the big boss fight with Joker? please let me know..thanks gamers..


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its just part of the game,he doesn`t get repaired.

The suit being destroyed is part of the game, as the game progresses Batman's suit will take damage to show that the night has taken it's toll on him. It's a very cool visual concept.

agreed Mamba...but if it bothers you once you beat the game you can go back in with one of the skins (if you have them) and party on in new clothes!