My 5 y.o bro plays story..

I'm sitting here at the computer; watching my two brothers play Mw3. They are age 12 and 5. Well the 5 year old is absolutely destroying in Kill Confirmed. With the a boss. I had to keep reminding him to collect the gold dog tags but other than that by his self he went 15-20.

Completely opposite of how he did in BF3. No kills and ran over by a tank a few times.

Now he plays Mario on his 3DS sometimes.

Is he just good a games or is MW3 just easier to play?


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easier to play is an understatement... 3 bullets kill people for the most part... a blind person with one hand cound twist the controller around and put the sensitivity on insane and spray a gun n get a kill or two... but ur 5 yr old bro does seem like a champ tho lol

It's more of a kiddie game than the LEGO games that come out 10 times a year...

Call of Duty: Lego wars.....O....M.....G

I'm really shocked it hasn't come out yet...LEGO: Modern Warfare