My 4th cinematic.


I don't know why I am still making these, they take such a long time, this game is so stunning though. I'll probably wait until all the DLC is out to make another (I did say that about the last one though but couldn't help myself lol). Hope you enjoy and thanks alot for watching! :-)


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Tried everything to embed it onto the page (edited like 5 times) but can't get it to work and now I don't have permission to re-edit apparently. Sorry.


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Tried everything to embed it onto the page (edited like 5 times)


I could tell you but I would have to kill you (Cut and Paste the URL on line one, use Ctrl +Enter after the URL, bake for twenty minutes on a low heat)

Does that mean you have to kill me now :-(

Thanks though man, much appreciated, however i can't edit the first post to embed it now.

Nice work Ace, I've seen a couple of Skyrim videos you've done and this one is by far my favourite. Not too dark that I couldn't see anything everything was nicely lit, the musical score was completly new on me and I really liked it and it went really with the video. Not to mention that the video seems to be very well timed with the music that must have taken ages.

Good work Sir, I think this time I shall spare you.

Well Ace! It's probably because you love us and there so dang good. Always enjoy watching them. Your getting much better at it.

Comments very much appreciated... Yes Angelus I am afterall a very loving person and thanks Jokul for letting me off the hook with the butchering. Very emotional right now ;'-)