My 3 small gripes....

1)  i'd love to have a seperate slider switch for AUDIO such as the Ingame music to be able to turn it down (like black ops had)

2)  Most matches... the AUDIO of other parties is "garbled".   Other games are fine, and even the "party chat" sounds fine.... just i've noticed a lot of games where people are actually communicating, but it might as well be Charlie Brown's Teacher.

3)  Why when in a party  do people's "speaker" light not light up when they talk....  same with their blue "teammate" arrow on the screen in game..     So as they are talking, i dont know which person is talking.     (ex:   "Hey!  come over here and guard me while i get this care package"   well... if i was in the area... i would... but i dont know which teammate just said that or where they are on the map.

other than that, i can deal with all the other stuff.      


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