Any Microsoft worker who reads this, please email me back if this interest you in anyway. MX vs ATV UNTAMED is the third latest American motocross/supercross game out. The other two newer ones are called MX vs ATV REFLEX and MX VS ATV ALIVE. I am in love with racing online on MX cs ATV UNTAMED. The other two newer games, not so much at all due to how you are able to control the bike. They do not have the natural control of a feel of a dirt bike like the game MX vs ATV UNTAMED. At the same time, on the other hand, there is a site where online races are hosted/posted by people who race MX vs ATV REFLEX and, MX vs ATV ALIVE. Notice anything? There is not online real life $ races for the best game (my opinion and many others)- MX vs ATV UNTAMED, like there are for these other two newer games! 'They say' the reason they do not have online real life $ prizes-$ races for MX vs ATV UNTAMED is because there is not enough support for the game! HA, those people have no idea how many new gamer tags I run into every day when playing MX vs ATV UNTAMED. If you are a Microsoft worker reading this, and you think you could help either help put MX vs ATV UNTAMED on the one site mentioned, or think you could help teach me how to make my own 'online race tournament' legit webpage for MX vs ATV UNTAMED, let me know! I will work the site daily if I would have to. There needs to be that guy who gets things going for this game, and I think I am that guy. I do not have that good of a money flow as of now, and I would love to make any $ from my favorite video game in the world, in any way! Anybody agree or want to chat with me, reply to this post, make your own, [Mod Removed]


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