CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS, we have all come to play this as the game of choice online weather its TDM CTF or just a casual unranked game of the dredded Zombies but soon with the release of MODERN WARFARE 3 will be the much anticipated introduction to a much deeper dimention in XBox Live and CALL OF DUTY game play with COD ELITE.

COD ELITE brings together BLACK OPS and MODERN WARFARE3 together in one place so you can view your stats and improve as well as view your friends and competitors stats as well. not only this you can upload your game videosand awsome screenshots to share with a bigger audience as well as enter them into competitions or challenges. however videos are limited to 30 seconds and there is a process called rendering in your in-game file share that you need to do first to upload. it took me a while to figure that out so thats a heads up for all having trouble uploading to the site. many of you like myself have took part in the beta and if you havent been back to the beta for a while there are events running right now from team death match with maximum kills within 3 hours to capture the flag events,all are based on performance over a set time so get booked in and have a go. As most of you have probebly heard events have prizes from the IPAD2 to badges so it is worth your while and in the beta it is of course free to enter.

When CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 3 is released and ELITE starts you will need the HARDENED EDITION MW3 pack to register for the events for both BLACK OPS and MW3. I will be playing and looking for clan members to share the wealth and fame with so look me up when it all kicks off. dont forget either that if you want your DLC free for a year you will also need the HARDENED EDITION.


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Yeah defo looking forward to all this intact I can't wait lol I got it pre ordered so roll on Nov 8th

im defenatly getting the console as well bro it looks awsome as well as the hardened edition so ill have two copies of the game, im just saving for the big day lol

Already pre-ordered hardened edition and paid in i'm all set for 11-8-11