Obviously with any new title release there has to be something new especially in a game such as COD. However in order to get this game right, IW has to reduce the hacking, reduce overpowered perks, and in addition open a public beta to make sure that every multiplayer component is prepared for release, such as matchmaking, glitches,etc. In MP camo is a clear way of customization in a COD game and must be utilized more. For example giving players a camo editor which is often a frequent request. It should be unlocked through prestige or somesort of unlock. By doing this limit  the players ability for unlimited customization like BO. So by adding preset layers such as primary, secondary being colors and pattern such as tiger stripes or digital. What else in your opinion is a must to further develop the future COD game?


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I didn't think IW are working on the MW3 release?

Anyway IMO they should make it just like the 1st Modern Warfare when that came out. I agree with what your saying tho. I dont think it should have Vehicles unless it's only in groundwar and make the map's alot larger for that game mode. Perks such as last stand / Martydom should not exist as it's a pure class of fakeness, i could not see this happen in real life. ( i know its a video game but the developers want game's to look like real life then change it ). Lastly you should be able to customize your actual character from Face to Feet maybe even put your own face on it via vision cam.

I think it all comes down to personal preferences tho but hopefully if people express their opinion's they will listen.

I think to further develop the new MW3 game they need to get rid of camping but still have a prize like the tactical nuke. By doing this they should make it that when you choose the nuke killstreak they make it so it takes up ALL 3 killstreak options. Also ONLY put it in TDM and FFA, the game modes which your focus is supposed to be kill people and stay alive.

I also agree with Shaolin. That you should be able to customize your characters looks. NOT like BO where the perks changed their face (The ghost guy looked fat).

I also like the camo editor idea. But if you can't do that IW, please please please go back to the MW2 camos and add gold! Black ops camos were BAD!.

And I really don't like the Cod Points, take that off, you can be good with 1 gun and just use the credits you get from that to get all the other guns attachments. It takes NO skill...

Anyway I think they should definetly have a beta. Just to work out the kinks and that, because without it its gunna get the same bashing MW2 got =(

Anything any of the devs can do to keep MW3 from being anything like MW2, I'm all for it.

GET RID OF THE NUKE IN OBJECTIVE GAMES. There is no reason some selfish 1337 BK should be rewarded for spawn camping or not playing the game the way its intended by sitting in another team's spawn and just trapping them, exploiting the game's terrible spawn system instead of planting bombs or defending flags.

Not to mention that the MW2 community proved itself too immature to handle such a KS reward without trying to ruin teh game for everyone by boosting for it.

No end game killstreaks, ever. No matter the gamemode, it will always promote camping and boosting. It brings nothing but harm to the community.

some horrible ideas in here, no offense to anyone in particular.

If you think custom camos and face paint are must have features.... hmmmm... yeah...

Also, just because a perk can be used in a manor that annahilates your set up, it doesn't mean it isn't balanced.  It just means they don't play like you do.  And that's fine.  I don't want black ops.  It was all run and gun and sucked horribly bad.  Not fun at all.

I'd rather see a game with lots of variety and tactical gameplay.  yes, that means being able to build a rushing character, but also one that can sit back and defend objectives.  And the map should cater to both.   Campers have to watch out for rushers, same should be said of the opposite.  People who don't understand the concept whine and cry when they get out played, period.

what he said

Infinity Ward is calling the shots and have contracted Sledgehammer and raven for the work. I'm going to wait a couple of months after MW3's release before I buy it. If there are no efforts to control the modding and hacking and /or ridiculous perks like oneman army/and danger close are enabled, then I won't buy it. I'll stay on Black ops and B.F.3. Back ops has it's problems, but I like that you can report a cheater directly to Treyarch and unlike I.F. they do something about it. MW2 was a great game that wasn't supported after it's release. I will have to be convinced that I.F. has learned their lesson before I throw any more cash at them.

Kotaku has a small list of perks and stuff.. Oh, and the TACTICAL NUKE is NOT returning! Now, if they could just bring back gold camo and do away with COD points, I will be happy. I also heard that Stopping Power is making it's return! YESSSS!

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Kotaku has a small list of perks and stuff.. Oh, and the TACTICAL NUKE is NOT returning! Now, if they could just bring back gold camo and do away with COD points, I will be happy. I also heard that Stopping Power is making it's return! YESSSS!


402 said on his twitter that it wont be coming back.