was hardened worth it on other cod games cuz im deciding wether or not to preorder when it comes out


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If you can't decide whether it would be worth it then I would consider not even buying the game period.

Everything is subjective. I thought MW2 was worth it because it came with CoD Classic (which happened to be better than MW2).  I didn't think BO was worth it because I didn't care for playing the old zombie maps.  See where I'm going here?  Someone who loves zombies but hates games that take skill may have said that BO was worth it but MW2 was a waste...

i didnt get hardened mw2 because it didnt interest me, i got hardened black ops because i had a great deal on amazon with a $20 promo credit from past purchases so it was almost like getting it for free. now that the new maps are out i will not have to pay for them so in the end i think i got a better deal that way, but it was more luck of the draw that they decided to take the waw maps and put them as dlc. as far as i know mw3 upper tiers havent been announced yet and are supposed to have more info during the cod xp event sept 2 and 3rd. i would consider ordering a upper tier if it came with a code that included elite service included for life of the game, etc. but the bottom line comes to it has to interest me or else its not worth it. and i would never order prestige editions because i dont need night vision goggles or an rc car, lol.

Exactly what Strawberry Catz said. I will see what type of things it comes with (codes).

I had CoD4 on PC, but the only Xbox game in have is BO. I'll probably get hardened, as long as there is more than zombies. I don't do zombies. I prefer killing other players, I don't want to kill a preprogrammed AI anything.

See what Jag said, its the same thoughts for me (but opposite)....................because I like zombies and got the BOs Hardened, LOL.