MW3 trailer online

it's up on  - looks a bit uninspired (and dated) 


Shame, I loved MW2 and was looking forward to this one :(





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Uninspired? really It has submarines, tanks, A-C 130's, buildings collapsing, car explosions, underground subways, America, France, England, Germany etc, and you think its uninspired?  I'd agree and say it looks dated and over the top but far from boring or dull by the looks of it.

world war 3! :O

why in Gods good name are you listing the content for the trailer as argument against it being uninspired? Do you need me to get you a dictionary definition of the word?


not inspired;  not creative or spirited: an uninspired performance; an uninspired teacher.

— adj

dull or ordinary; unimaginative: an uninspired painting

and on the contrary it looks VERY dull by todays standards.