Mw3 ticket!

When I play mw2 while waiting in the game lobbie, I see a message saying get your ticket to play mw3.  How do you get a ticket?


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^^Practise what you preach rasta. A PM would have been sufficent. cwatideedthar?

Ok.  I thought is was a ticket to play a beta or something.  Hey mitchell I will be online in a little while, I am sad to say I am starting fall college classes next week, so I will not be online very much this fall.  Full time job+college=no time to play again.  

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We don't need these forums turning back into how it used to be.

[/quote]So then why did you come back?

It's a ticket to go to an event somewhere, I think it's in California. Google CoD XP event.

You guys do know there is a private message feature right?  Like it's cool you are bros or whatever but the world dosn't need to know, just pm each other.  We don't need these forums turning back into how it used to be.  Also if you feel it necessary to display your play dates publicly, please do it in that said games forum.  No one here likes or cares about anything dice had a part in creating.

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So then why did you come back?

To get updates on MW3.  What's this guys deal?

College, all I did in college was drink beer, chase womanz and play video games, LOL. Im at work now, LOL, but Ill be on for sure later tonight as I am off tommorrow.

I think you gotta attend the LA Expo, or whereever the unveil thingy is next month. Its probably an admission ticket to that event, but Im not totally sure. BTW, BFBC2 tonight?