MW3 Sniping clan recruitment

we are abrand new sniping/quickscoping clan. if you are intrested in joining send me an application on call of duty elite or message me on xbox my g-tag is kronos12344. we are especialy looking for elite premium members. you must be 12 or older and speak english to join.our elite name is SNIPER SQUAD QS.




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Do you not think the "applicants" should be 18 or over ,not 12, considering the games rating?

*** ive gotten alot of two for one kills quickscoping randomly.

You guys still recruiting?

THEOWENKILLER, It does not matter about the rating.

orite mate my gamer tag is: Senior Watsone I use MSR/barrett, im 20th prestige level 80, i do quickscoping, occasional trickshot, i have various qauds, 5 man feeds, im very good with a sniper and im very active, definatly interested in joining :)

My xbox GT is uA Scope  I would love to join your clan I am 14 and a great player that would benefit your clan I am a pretty good player for any guns and a REALLY good quick scoper i am very capable in quick scoping and any guns but not really trick shotting (SORRY :p ) I would appreciate if you could message me on xbox to join as soon as possible thank you for your consideration

Still searching?