MW3 problems... Game freezes when I try to play any gametype -_-

Alright so as of yesterday I have been unable to play MW3 online.  Everything else in the game works fine, and I have been playing MW3 online since I bought the game, without any problems.  But ever since this new map pack came out every single time that I try to search in any playlist, my game just freezes.  I won't lie to you guys I have pretty much no life and I have been playing MW3 nonstop, yea i know its sad but the economy is a *** dude, so i really really want to start gaming again.  Please if anyone else is having this problem or has dealt with a similar problem your input will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!!!  :D

MW3 (for **** and giggles):

K/D: 1.62

Win/Loss: 2.08

I'm a beast at this game lol


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clear the cache and re download

my nephew  had the same issue and that is what he did to cured it

that is what he did to cured mean cure?

I have cleared the cache a few times now and re-downloaded the update, yet still my game freezes.. I got into 1 game of Team Deathmatch this morning so i know it still works but then it started freezing right after that.  Its really irritating right now.

have you saved the game to your hard drive that might help

[quote user="orion796"]

that is what he did to cured mean cure?

[/quote] really orion is that all you got left trolling for typos

Well I saved MW3 to my hard drive Bullet, but yet again as soon as i start searching for a game the mofo freezes on me.  I'm starting to think its either my xbox or my game or something.  I really just want to play COD why must this be so complicated infinity ward?

I'd try uninstalling and reinstalling. Something clearly didn't go right the first time around.