MW3 Perks

Haven't seen this posted in this forum yet.  It's been awhile since I've visited the XBox forums... seems like a lot has changed.  Figured I'd pop in and take a look at the MW3 buzz.  Anyways, here's a list of the Perks in MW3.  I'd like to give/get some opinions on what to expect from them:


Sleight of Hand :

Basic: Fast reload.

Pro: Fast Weapon change.


Basic: Explosive damage shows target on mini-map.

Pro: Bullet damage shows target on mini-map.

Blind Eye:

Basic:  Air support and sentries don't detect you. 

Pro:  Fast lock-on for rockets.  Increased bullet damage to vehicles.

Extreme Conditioning:

Basic:  Increased sprint time.

Pro:  Climbing speed increased.


Basic:  Get ammo. 

Pro:  Get more ammo. NOTE:  I hear that you can replenish equipment also.  



Basic:  Faster ADS

Pro:  Faster using grenades/equipment.

Blast Shield:

Basic:  Explosive resistance.

Pro:  Resistance to flash/stuns.


Basic:  Pointstreaks require 1 less kill.

Pro:  Two assists count as a kill.  Deathstreaks require 1 less death. 


Basic:  Immunity to UAV, Portable radar, thermal and heartbeat.  

Pro:  Immunity to Counter UAV, EMP, and no red name over you.


Basic:  Carry 2 primary weapons.

Pro:  Second Primary can have 2 attachments. 



Basic:  Identify targets at longer distances. 

Pro:  Hold breath longer when sniping.


Basic:  Increased movement speed while ADS.

Pro:  Delays enemy claymores before exploding.


Basic:  Detect enemy explosives and Tac insert.

Pro:  Enemies footsteps are louder.

Steady Aim:

Basic:  Increased hip fire accuracy.

Pro:  Faster ADS after sprinting.

Dead Silence:

Basic:  Quieter movement, recon does not work as well against you(?).

Pro:  No fall damage.  


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I look forward to trying out SoH, Quickdraw and Stalker all together.

Blast Shield looks awesome.  It's like Flak Jacket + Tac Mask Pro (which was my favorite perk in BO).  The basic of Tac Mask was useless... pro version was beast.

Overkill looks completely useless.  Just pick up a second gun.  

wheres there a uav?

Has anyone heard anything on how we are going to get Pro Perks? I hope it's similar to MW2 and not Blops. I rarely get certain pro perks per prestige because I don't want to go grind out caps on CTF or find a non spawn trapping lobby for demo to get FJ pro.

is recon just another name for to use it normally you have to do tedious stuff just to get the pro version of it..what a load of crap..uav is the most basic of the perks and they have put it in with scavenger as well..rubbishhhhhh

Last Stand/Second Chance is gone.  Hurrah!

So on each tier something to make you invisible to everything, that's my choice.

[quote user="orion796"]

wheres there a uav?


You're confusing "perks" with "killstreaks", little man.

[quote user="orion796"]

wheres there a uav?


wtf are you talking about?

oh yeah lol..i knew that.

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