MW3 or Battlefield 3?

Post opinions on Graphics (visuals) only please.  I am a graphics nut and they both look almost identical?  Which one looks better?


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Most people will say MW3 if they are honest. But saying that with the HD. install on Battlefield it really is nice but has a more gritty realism over MW3's more polished look.

BF3 on PC with everything set to ultra is one of the best FPS games for graphics I have ever seen. When I turn on my console to play with my mates, it feels like I have stepped back two years.

Played MW3 lastnight in a friends, and gameplay aside, it looks good, not bad atall, if you like the shiny, glittery cartoon ADHD'friendly graphics.

BF3, with its gritty, immersive, semi-realistic graphics, is the superior product, even on consoles, but when you put it on PC, it just blows everything else out of the water, and not much can compete with it.

Having played both BF3 is the superior mp experience. Both are quality games in their own right but in the end it comes down to mp and for my taste MW3 is too run and gun. This time around I rented MW3 instead of purchasing it like I did all the other CoD's and I'm glad I did. When I finish the campaign I'll be done with. After jumping into mp I was reminded why Black Ops grew tiresome. This is just my opinion.

Is it true that BF3 campaign is very short?

both have good graphics imo

MW3-arcade style graphics

BF3-moreso realistic style graphics

the looks of both games matches their gameplay and mood. i just prefer BF3 as a better overall playing experience when it comes to a game.

My apologies to the OP, I read the title and not the message. Back to the subject..

Graphic wise IMO BF3 is the hands down winner between the 2 games. MW3 is a great looking game and I don't mean this in a negative way but at times looks cartoon like when compared to BF3. I've had BF3 since day one and play it every day and I am still blown away with the lighting.

If you are playing on console, you should not be concerned about graphics.

+1 on that.