MW3 new clan recruiting

Welcome to the DeadEchoDivisions recruiting post  we are a new clan looking for some officers and some members.  we are like a community basicly a main clan with mini clans branched off of the main these mini clans are called Divisions and are ran by a General.   we offer weekend squad training to help work on communication and tactics  we also offer clan vs clan tournaments once we have enough members that is. you dont have to be very good at the game just try your best.  if your intrested in joining  please go to  or contact my gamertag EZisu

Things we are looking for

1. active players on the game and on the forums

2. officers that can make hard decisions

3.  some one that is good with editing websites

3.  mature players mainly from 18+  but we do accept 15+ if you are mature enough

4.  players must be willing to come to clan meetings and events.

Things we will not tolerate

1. moders and hackers

2. people that brings drama into the clan or starts trouble with other clans

3.  people that wants to join the clan to just be in a clan thats not interested in any events or any contact with the memeber of the clan


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