MW3 Matchmaking Connection Issues When Using Same Internet

Hello. I recently started to have a problem when trying to connect to a match with my brother. He lives in the same house as me and we both use the same internet. (FiOS internet as I live here in NY) Things were working fine until literally 2 nights ago. 2 nights in which NOTHING has changed. When I try to connect to a match by myself, I connect quickly and with no problem. Same goes for him. We can even start separate games at the same time, and play. However, when we are in a party together, the game seems to endlessly search for "good games" and never really finds them. When it finally does it typically ends up being us two, and maybe one or two other person, where all the others were kicked or didnt connect for whatever reason. I am not sure if this is one of the billion issues with this game that Activision and Infinity Ward seem to so carelessly ignore (must be easy to do while you take a bath in $100 bills) or what. Because I am no novice to networking or computers, and this one has me stumped. And very very aggravated. I would also like to add that it says both of our NATs are OPEN, so the issue is not there. Nor is it any simple or obvious answer, by my guessing. Any help, insight, or info on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

SHORT STORY FOR THOSE WITH ADD: Can't connect to a match when in a party with someone connected through the same internet. Both of us have NAT Open. Can play by ourselves perfectly fine. Please help.


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One possibility would be that you don't have enough bandwidth to handle both connections to the lobby at the same time, and therefore can't find a connection at the same speed. But since this is a recent problem and you both can play fine without being in a lobby, I would tend to discount this. I would first try resetting your router, and see if that fixes the problem. If not, it may be a problem with your ISP that is slowing the connection speed. You may have to contact their Customer Support and find out more information.

Had this problem myself what i did was go into the system setting and in network settings reset both to default setting restart consoles had problem went away

Thanks for the replies. I should have mentioned that I tried just about everything. Resetting routers, modems, Xboxes, port forwarding, port triggering, you name it. I probably tried it. I have no idea what to do and I've wasted so much time on this, I'm really ticked off. These million dollar companies don't know how to make something work properly on its own. It's pathetic. Modern Warfare 3 is clearly a broken game and my fix to this issue is throwing my game in the trash. Because its only this game that has the issue.