MW3 Hardened.

Just question about the hardened edition case. Anyone else feel like they're going to snap their CoD disc in half when they take it out? Why the hell couldn't they just use the damn button design like older games? Or maybe I'm doing it wrong? I put my index finger in the middle and pull up by a hole with my thumb, and I can pull it up nearly two inches before it pops out. If this game breaks, I'm going to flip shi*, cause then I'll have paid $100 for a field journal.


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Use a CD wallet. Game cases are a big reason discs break.

I have never had this much of a problem with it. And I'd prefer not to because that would make them scratch easier.

The game is broken already. Why did you waste your money.

Ahh.. Gotta love a troll. Or not. Either talk about the subject or get off my thread.

I haven't had a problem with scratches. I have been using a wallet ever since the 360 came out. Most of them have a soft material so they don't scratch.

Ahhh I know, I suppose I'm just paranoid from it sliding against something. And hey, what about my special edition game case hahaha. I won't be able to use it :P

Haha yeah I guess that defeats the purpose of the case.

I'd go with a CD wallet too, if the case has that much resistance when taking the game out. Matter of fact, I might pick up a CD wallet today. And ignore BACON HSA, he's been trolling all over the MW3 boards. Battlefield (Bad Company) 3's servers must be down, or his mom took his xbox out of the basement...

I may have to buy one as well then. I use them for music cds in my car, but I guess I might as well convert my massive gaming library all into one spot as well. And I'm pretty familiar with the trolls on the mw3 forums. For some reason I've felt the need to look on here since mw3 came out.