mw3 harassment

 Harassed for over 18 months

I got mw3 virtually the moment it came out and after about 3months it started to get harder and harder to get kills and to make things worse i was getting killed more often.      I thought this was strange everbody improving faster than me but i am such a bad shot that i just tried to accept it. Then i started to realise i was playing the same people alot. I also started hearing people in the lobbies discussing who was going to tell the opersition where i was positioned on the map so they could shoot me very easily.MW3 is the 1st  game ive been online with and because of my lack of knowledge to the gaming an computer world i was naive and these so called gamers seemed to pick up on this and exploited it.  Now its got to the point when i play online that the opponents are told where i am on the map by someone in the same team as me with a mic meanwhile the rest of my team mates indicate where i am  with gunfire or a jump or a flashbang plus getting in a positon so they can shoot the opersition before i can so i get the minimum kills as possible. gliches are happening if i start doing any good and im not 100% sure but i think they have hacked me. They have spread rumours put personal information about me in the clantag box or in there gamertag that they change quite alot. I have been as bad as them sometimes as i refuse to be bullied off xbox but there is to many of them and i dont know what to do next  i have repeatably blocked & reported  these people to xbox but it does no good there simply getting away with it has anyone any ideas



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