MW3 hacked for sure.

I seen a tweet from Trolling saying don't accept invites from randoms. From a little searching around I found proof of player walking around as an AC130 in Search and Destroy on Blackbox, a guy getting on the roof on Resistance, God mode and unlimited ammo for ARs and even RPGs. Also some prestige lobbies that either give or take XP. I'll be honest, I don't know how to post a link.....derr..... but if you look on Youtube you will find evidence no problem. The videos I seen were on Xbox, you could see the theatre mode button prompts. Earlier today I had a message of some random saying he was testing a prestige lobby, at that point I hadn't seen the videos so I thought nothing of it. So what do you guys think and have you experienced any of this crap first hand?


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You don't know how to post a link? Just copy/paste and post it, it's that simple lol.


Anyway, I'm not surprised it's started to happen. I saw one guy on SnD the other day using an aimbot of some sort. No, I'm not whining because I got my butt handed to me. He had perfect lock on and no recoil at all with the M16/single 44 magnum. It was just crazy. I never saw anything like it before.

Well I could of posted a lazy link I think but I'm just too lazy :) Yeah the videos I seen were S&D and GW. If Trolling said they can't patch CoD4 because it would just get hacked again and that the security needs to be built in from the ground up. How will they fix this if the security that was "built from the ground up" has already been compromised? I can see MW2 all over again.

Ahh it's always the lazyness lol. Oh well, if this game gets hacked to death like previous CoD titles then I'll just play Black Ops. It's still a fun and much better game than MW3. Zombies especially, I can't get enough zombies haha.

We all know that Hacks/Mods will eventually start happening more and more. I want to see how Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer plans on dealing with the on coming Mods/Hacks.

Just watched some friends playing TeamDeath Match. Game just started, 2 kills from one enemy and 1 from another and they got a UAV? We were like, "thought you had to have at least 3 kills for an UAV. They kept going into the list of players and NO ONE had 3 kills. Just thought it strange.

  ^^ Hardline? ..................

  But I am understanding that something is going on. I havent seen anything myself but have seen a couple convincing vids and the way 402 talks he knows there have been security breaches ........... but doesnt really say to what extent. He only meantions not accepting invites to places from strangers ....... I think we were all taught that as children.

   He did say that there is a difference between mw and mw3 in that mw3 was built to be able to deal with such things.

  Just report and move on ...... cautiously, I guess.

Unfortunitly infections are now being spread by vault videos. There is only a small group of hacker modding these vault files but they are then spreading them to their friends to pass on and so fourth. At the moment the only twO i know about are "derank" and "knock back" infections.

Seriously you can get hacked from a game invite. i got a game invite from two random people i joined the second one but not the first one luckily nothing happened.

My friends say they get random invites all the time. Turns out none of them are on their friends list OR recent players list. I see a lot of "attempting to gather other players info" permanent suspensions in that forum. Does that have anything to do with these random invites?

Yeah me to happens on call of duty and halo and i have never played against these people before or they are not on my friends list either. Like the invite that i did accept it was a random person and the people finished the game then backed out. So i really don't know well anyway now i know and will never accept a invite again.

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