MW3 friends needed ..

I usually play pretty much everything except S&D I can't stand it ... I'am also not a big fan of TDM either .. so objective gamers only please .. Iam 29yo so please be around my age .. Here is a list of people I DO NOT WANT TO ADD ME !!!!!!! if your into spawn camping , if you use modz or modded controls I don't want to deal with that crap I play with what came in the box when I got my 360 ! and Im 15 prestige without cheating boosting or any of that stupid lame crap just looking some legit players that want to win and have fun !!!! thats it !!! save your time and mine if you have to use cheats , lag switchs or modz to play .. any skill level welcome Im not the greatist by any means but Iam willing to play with anyone who is legit in playing thank you just send friend request and if you have other friends or need extra for a party memeber to fill the party add me im not a big talker btw just wanna play


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What times do you normally play?

Iam Usually On everyday more at night really some what during the day depends on what I have going on if anyone is interested just add me and invite me if your on and wanna play ... just a heads up on a couple of things real quick Iam a smoker so I take breaks every so often and also please don't add me and not wanna play I'll just delete you but like it says above Iam willing to play with just about anyone just add me ..