MW3 female White Tee Code

Here is a free code since I have a male avatar.  This code only works with a female avatar.




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How do you know its a male avatar? Did you look under his little skirt?

Because it said female only when i tryed to use it plus I have a male code also.

Did you get the game early? How did you get avi stuff?

the new bluetooth headset.

^^Thats pretty cool. So its a gaming headset, but you can also answer your cell phone on it whilest gaming? Ive seen xJaws or one of those YT guys  go over the "top of the line" headset several months ago and he mentioned those type options. Im thinking his was new Trittons or Astros, cant remember though.

Yeah its nice. Better volume level than the default ones plus it works well with my iPhone. I can answer the wife's call without missing a kill!

^^LOL, nice!