MW3 Elite clan recruitment.(Level 33.)

Hello, I am Dirty Illuzions(Not in that way)!

I am a proud member of FGC!
If you are looking for a friendly, active, competitive, and most importantly FUN gaming community to join, then look no further! Check us out at and never have "clueless" teammates again!  We currently have brigades for all the hottest games including Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and even Minecraft!  All of our brigades have mature members and excellent role models.  If you think you are a good fit, then by all means, check us out today at!

Our Testimony:

We are a community of gamers and friends that just enjoy playing Battlefield 3 MW3, and Black Ops as well as other games together. We have an active forums and great comradeship all around. We sponsor the top Gamebattles teams in the nation, and play in many of the biggest tournaments around.

How Do We Work?

We have a rank structure, starting from the applicant moving up to the recruit and on up to the highest level which is Generals.

We have brigades and a full set of leadership that is capable of leading you in the direction that you could possibly want to go. You might ask yourself,

Whats a Brigade?
A Brigade is a group of members usually maxing at about 60 or so individuals, that are under the command of a Colonel. They are usually split into smaller groups called Companies. or Squads. Now that we understand what a brigade is, lets move on,

What is a Company / Squad?
A squad or company, is a group of about 5-20 members within a brigade. They participate in events as a team, or compete against other companies throughout the brigade, or within the community. Squads/Companies are a way for members to connect with others in a smaller setting than the brigade. Sort of like a unit.

What we have to offer:

~Website (
~Youtube Channel (FGCinemas)
~Facebook page (Found HERE)
~Sponsorship programs
~Upcoming dedicated servers!

Our activities:

  • Cash Prize Tournaments
  • "Brigade Wars"
  • Pro Circuit/Icon events
  • Weekly Gamenights!

Our Ranks:

  • Commander in Chief
  • Division Commander(s)
  • Section Commander(s)
  • General(s)
  • Major(s)
  • Captain(s)
  • Lieutenant(s)
  • Sargent(s)
  • Private 1st Class
  • Private

Our Requirements:

  • You MUST have a working mic
  • You MUST have a gold membership
  • We encourage you to be on ForceGaming.Net once a day
  • Finally, you must act reasonably mature at all times, especially when you are sporting our name in your clan tag OR in your GT

Check us out at ForceGaming.Net today!


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