MW3 could cater for all tastes

have a seperate playlist like they do on mw2..barebones... but put the uav..the jet and the heli in..

and stop the killstreaks at 7 with the heli..but make sure its on ffa as least it will cater

for alot more people and stop people moaning about me for one...thats if they go mad with

the killstreak stuff like they did on mw2..which maybe they wont this time around but you never do know do you

please please no bad just asking what you think and for your suggestions thats all..lets keep this thread pleasant

the first one to shoot their mouth off smells.

if something like this has been posted the back button,thankyou

oh yeah i cant reply to anything...not sure why but i can post and drunkcanadian have been banned

so this account is silver lol.


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Sure, why not make a gametype where you can only use assault rifles too.


Barebones playlists are usually fun, would like to see one for sure in MW3.  Also think a good idea would be to IP ban instead of account ban.

BBs should be NO KSRs. KSRs are fine within a game as long as they are balanced or easily countered.