mw3 clan!?!?!?

I'm looking for a mw3 clan, the only problem being is that I don't have elite..

I do have do have the new DLC though, I'm pretty good at mw3 

I'm looking for a team of people to play with so if you want to send me a message it would be greatly appreciated 


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Josh, if you install the free ELITE at the least, Project GU will take you. We have no requirements except the free ELITE, essentially it's just to keep track of who's in and who's not. We also have a website if you want to check it out, . If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Hello Josh Im the leader of the Drgn clan for call of duty. Nothing fancy like elite or a website, We are a great bunch and fun to hang but most of my team plays black ops. Send me a messege if your interested.

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WINNING LOBBIES all night long

Friend Request to BowzerGaming

Come and check out The Known Outlaws. We have been gaming for 7 years and going strong. In KO you will not feel like a number. We game on MW3, BF3, and GOW3. We have events, teams, strats, call outs and more. We have KO Nights where the clan just games all night on MW3, BF3, GOW3, and Reach. Halo is our casual game until Halo 4 comes out. Here at KO we offer the gamer to go beyond gaming and go into GBs and have fun with the clan. We welcome competitive and none competitive gamers into KO. If you are interested check out our site:

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Alrite fella, Egg Gaming are looking for a few players if your;

> 16+

> Live in EU

> active on xbox and website

If you meet these requirements hit us up at    

If not Good Luck on your search.