MW3 Called Out For Animal Cruelty.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have issued another press release criticizing depictions of animal cruelty in a video game. This time it takes issue with Activisions' latest shooter, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”

Specifically, PETA points out the Spec Ops mode in Modern Warfare 3 where the player shoots and kills attack dog’s strapped with explosives in, well, an “unconscionable and grotesque” manner.

PETA states that abusing or killing even a virtual animal presents contradictions for what is acceptable in society. According to PETA in the press release:

 [quote user="PETA"] The computer game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” treats animals in a sadistic manner. The game portrays dogs in a capacity that is not recorded to exist in any modern combat setting, which is unrealistic and is further unconscionable and grotesque.

Killing virtual animals can have a brutalizing effect on the young male target audience. It also presents difficult contradictions for what is healthy and acceptable for social and moral behavior. How can a nation condemn a professional sports player for breeding and hosting dog-fights, yet immediately turn to be entertained by these malice depictions of animals in video games? [/quote]

These are valid and compelling points, actually. Unlike their disapproval of “Battlefield 3's” stabbing of a rodent in a quick-time event, this one actually makes sense. It isn't healthy or consistent for anyone to condemn abuse towards dogs in real-life, only to then sneak away to get please or excitement from it in a "pretend" setting.

There's a medical definition for people like that: psychopaths and schizophrenics!


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Now, I am all for bashing MW2.5, but this is dumb...what about human cruelty in basically every game?

Again with this?  Didn't they say the same **** about the attack dogs in MW2?

What the heck are all these virtual dogs going to do if they do away with such treatment.?

These dogs are created with only one skill, and that is ...... well being attack dogs of fortune.

How will they feed their families?

They will all be out of work and starving to death.

Now thats cruel .......... peta just doesnt think things through sometimes and create a worse situation than if they had just left well enough alone.

Not to long ago PETA file a lawsuit at sea world for slavery saying the killer whales were slaves or something along those lines.  PETA is a joke anyway.


PETA needs to take a break and play some Disney games . . .

Imagine if they found out if Michael Vick plays mw3....

I'm against animal cruelty but PETA always takes things too far. Like a poster above said, what about all the human cruelty being depicted? It's a video game PETA, chill out. If the parents actually cared about the games their kids play "the young male target audience" would be 18 and should know enough not to strap explosives to animals in their spare time and blow them up.

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^^lol, I know. "F**k that guy that just got his face noob toobed in, we are worried about the digital dogs!"

Wow. First they went after BF3 for the rat scene, now this. They just really don't have anything better to do.

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