MW3 Blackout - Today's the Day

To those unsure about what it is, today is basically a day in which players have agreed NOT to play MW3 at all as a form of protest. I don't know the details, but I'm assuming their goal is to make IW feel forced to "fix" their game by getting as many players as possible to participate.


So let's try and have a reasonable discussion about this topic. Some questions to consider: Will the Blackout change anything? How many players do you think will participate? What does IW have to say about this blackout? Will you be participating and why or why not?


Personally, I probably won't be online today, but that's only because I'm usually out on the weekends. If I were to stay home, I would NOT be participating in the blackout because I don't think it will accomplish anything. It seems kind of stupid to me, considering tomorrow everything will return to normal. It seems to me like the equivelant of workers going on a strike for one day, then returning to work the next day.


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As frustrated as I am with the game, I will probably be playing it tonight at some point.  I have a lot of hate towards Infinity Ward and constantly say a nutless monkey could make a better game.  There are just way to many WTF moments when playing multiplayer.  

The lag is what is mostly making me mad, frustrated and just wanting to take the game to the gun range and shoot it to pieces.  

I have gripes about shotguns, sniper rifles and the panic knife crap. Why is it, I can fire a rocket  or an 40mm grenade from a launcher at someone, see that it hits them and they brush it off like it was nothing?  The game physics are just so bad it isn't even funny anymore.   And of course everything that lets a person camp. Trophy system, heartbeat sensor.  It's just **** poor game development.  Maybe 2 years isn't enough time to get the game made the way it should be.  

I love the COD series.  The campaign mode is fun and exciting.  Zombies was a great touch.  It just seems they keep dumbing the games down.  

Lol, I will continue to play - especially during a double XP weekend.

270,000 + players online early afternoon friday.

   Persoanally I dont have an issue with the game. It might not be perfect, but I've never seen much of anything perfect in life.

   If people really have an issue with the game. they should just stop buying it. Thats about the only thing that would have an effect on the develpoers. And if they didnt buy it, there would be no need to complain. But then again for soem people that seems to be the whole reason for buying it.

I guess I haven't been keeping up on this whole "blackout" deal, but I really don't see what's so wrong with the game. It's one of my favorite multiplayer games and there are little things that annoy me at times, but by no means is it broken.

Also, Infinity Ward or whoever has done a pretty good job updating and patching the game.

I don't think the blackout will have any affect and I'd be surprised if a significant number of players participate in the boycott.

I know I'll be playing this weekend to take advantage of double xp.

I am working this weekend, but I wouldnt participate in any stupid "black out" protest thingy.

I've been participating the last 2 weeks. It's unreal how bad the lag compensation is. 1 day I'll have little to no problems killing people, the next day I'm nearly throwing my controller across the room out of frustration of people not dying. And it's the same scenario the 8 times I have quit playing this game. I know for sure it's not my console because I have a 250GB 360S and 320GB Gears 3 console. And I know for sure it's not my internet because I just got a 320GB PS3 2 weeks ago and have been playing Gotham City Impostors with no problems killing people. I had to go back to MW2 out of disappointment with MW3. And I'm having no problems at all with it other than lag spikes from time to time.

^^They had an update yesterday, it helped me, but you never know how the updates are gonna effect ya.

Talk about a horrible day to start a blackout of a game.  It's a double XP weekend so I'm sure the game will be full.  The problem with these types of boycotts is that you aren't really having any affect on IW if you aren't playing. If people feel the game is that bad that they won't play it than they need not play it permanently.  A 1 day boycott of something is but a grain of sand in the IW sandbox being removed.  It won't be noticed.

This is such a ridiculous idea.


Activision's totally like "LULZ let's put dub XP on this weekend!" TROLLOLOLOLOLOL

this is a serious tactic, but not a serious situation, and people are ignoring serious situations so i don't think there's enough intelligence for the general population to preform an affecting feedback retaliation against anything. for one example the map packs were the simplest  thing to recognize as an enemy as to where things will go. Now I bet you're only getting 75% of the full mutiplayer game next as IW or whatever knows people herd around like sheep to buy every new release. Well those extra materials are ***! Anyone who buys them is a tool, and that's where the lesson should be learned for IW or whatever. the consuming culture that we are is evident. It bothers me that everyone needs to put their credit card the *** down, and say no to BUY IT BUy IT But IT and Buy It again (Chinpoko) but they dont

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