MW2 / MW3 problem joining matches after a disconnect from the server

So here is the problem that I seem to be having.  It doesn't matter if I'm playing MW2 or MW3.  I can turn on my Xbox 360 console and initially join a match without any issues.  And that's all fine and dandy.  But If I get booted from the server for any reason, I cannot just jump right back into a match.  Doesn't matter what type of match I was initially playing or what type I'm trying to go into.  Perfect example, I will be playing Ground War, because that's my favorite game.  I can play for any amount of time, really doesn't matter.  If I decide I no longer want to play Ground War and try to switch over to Free For All or Team Death Match, It will not let me join the game.  It just says 0/50 matches found or sometimes 0/5 matches found.  It doesn't matter how many games it finds, it will not allow me to join up.  Another thing I noticed is that whenever its working properly, the numbers will cycle through extremely fast and you never see all of the numbers.  But when its on the fritz and not allowing you to join a match, the numbers cycle through extremely slow and you can see every single number from 0.0 - 99.9.  Normally when the numbers cycle through, you only see a few of them, and they will only cycle up to about 60 or so, and then it will try to ping a different server and so on and so forth.  But this issue only happens after I disconnect from the game.  Doesn't matter if I initiate the disconnect by leaving one type of game and trying to select a different type of game or whether I get the error message about not being able to migrate.  Sometimes it will tell me Game Lobby Closed, and normally in that situation I would just click on Find Match and it will just throw me into another open lobby.  But not anymore, now it will just search indefinitely for a match, cycling through all of the numbers from 0 to 99.9.  The only solution to this problem is to just back all the way out to the main menu screen and let the game sit for about 6 or 7 minutes.  And then when you go back in, it will start back working normally as if nothing ever happened.  But of course if you leave the match again, it will do the same thing all over again, and then you have to wait another 6 or 7 minutes before you can join another match.  Does anyone else have this same issue?  Is this a known issue with Infinity Ward servers now?  By the way, my NAT type is Open and I have a 3.0 mbp/s down and about 300kbp/s up connection.  Its not my internet connection because this has always been the internet speed and I had no issues with this until about a couple of months ago.  Worked just great for the last 10 months with no issues.  Nothing changed except these damn updates from Xbox Live.  I think either that had something to do with it, or the people over at Infinity Ward are just too cheap to invest in more/better servers and they've added some new rules to the servers that temporarily ban you for 6 or 7 minutes if you disconnect.


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my problem is that the playlist show 0/0 players online, in all modes..

Be sure your NAT is open.


it is!

my nat is open! you know what can be this? 0/0 players.. thanks