mw2 hacked?

and what did i tell you months ago as soon as mw3 comes out..where the money is..iw will let this game go to the dogs but oh no you wouldnt have it..well now you ops will be next.


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There's already a bunch of mods for black ops you just don't see them too often. As soon as black ops 2 comes out I wouldn't expect that game would be as fun for the people who legitimately want to play it. I haven't seen any mw2 hackers yet, but of course I only just recently started playing it again. The call of duty I had been spending most of my time on was world at war which is even worse.

Infinity Ward has a way of making their games hackable.

^^its called..not making as much money on it so to hell with it and our loyal money paying customers.

Loyal customers or lines of 10 year olds?

Same thing happen to COD 4 when Black ops came out... Mw2 and Cod 4 blacked out, next day modders galore

Good thing Infinity Ward won't be making future Call of Duty installments.

black ops 2 is hack already and mw3 i cant get into a 1v1 lobby with out being into a 9v9

there is a video on IHc James doing the black ops 2 mods he is the biggest Hacker on xbox that hack mw2,black ops,mw3 and Black ops 2

[quote user="TxNM qz08"]black ops 2 is hack already[/quote]Which means it wont be by the time its released.

Black Ops 2 isn't even out yet. Stop that.