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While in game lobbies I've noticed people that automatically have their mics set to mute with out me doing it. I usually just go through and unmute them without giving it a second thought. I asked someone why that happens and they said its a "Mute Ban". When alot of other player mute the person they become permanently banned for a period of time. I honestly don't know if the guy was telling me some BS or if this really happens. If it's real why would they even put that in a game?. How long does a mute ban last?


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It's real. I'm not sure how long it lasts, but I don't think it was a good idea to put in the game. Most people seem to leave them muted. I unmute every time and most don't even seem like they would be the type to be extra annoying or anything so it's like they get silenced to most because a certain amount of people decided to mute them, it's stupid.

Yeah, it's a real ban. It's a good concept, IMO. If someone is seriously annoying so many people that he's muted by everyone, might as well make it easy for future opponents and save them the trouble. I don't have anything against it. I rarely talk when playing with randoms anyway.

I unmute them, but notice that a lot of the times the person on the other end is listening to music or their mic keeps picking up everything making that person annoyinh so they go right back to mute

I just wish it was only people that deserve to be muted, like people that are trying to be annoying. I sometimes mute people that are speaking a different language or that are having a conversation with someone else on the team because it distracts me, but they don't deserve to be mute banned just because I don't speak their language or that I don't want to listen to a conversation or anything so innocent like that. And since I can't think of anyway to fix it so only the people that deserve to be muted get muted I think it's better off not having a mute ban, I think people can decide for themselves if something annoys them or not.


Also, I just don't like the idea of players having power over any kind of bans, some people just like to ruin things for others and will purposely try to get someone mute banned. Imagine if a full team wants to get revenge on some guy on the other team, well they can all mute that poor guy and he'll likely be mute banned for something that had nothing to do with him talking. I think it's best to keep any kind of bans in the hands of the game companies and Microsoft.



+20, 000, 000.


I agree with most of that.