Are these easier to get with the help of other people, or best gotten alone by just consistent playing?  Specific gametypes, horde, etc? I've unlocked 3 of them, but would like to get more. Just curious as to the best ways to go about this.  Preferably with the least "grinding" involved. 


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if u want them quickly private is best all depends on which one ur after for eg super reload can be gotten in about 10mins on private koth but something like comet or vampirism is going to be a grind either way

I'll have to work on it later this week when I have more time.  Thanks for the info.

@SithHappens74 Epic said in the TU2 they have made the requirment for Comet easier to obtain. So hope that helps.

yeah i noticed that but not sure how as u still need 300 first bloods to get it unless u needed more b4. i know unlimited ammo alot easier now as in horde u can get the 5 fortications in each wave now instead of each game

It all depends on which oneyou're going for. Big Heads will take some time but on the other hand Unlimited amo won't. It tells you in stats and awards what you have to do to get them.

I'm too busy working to invest the time, so I just let my hardcore gaming buddy get all of them, which he did because he was totally driven to do so.  

I've got Big Heads, Laugh track, and one other one. The rest I will work on. I think the 200 wretch kills won't be too bad. I think that's one of them. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think I'll get all Onyx medals though. That will take a long time. Level 100? Yeah, probably. I still like the game and it's not getting old for me, yet. So that's good.