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Am I missing something here? You earn coins after you play a game, you use those coins to buy packs of cards, & in those cards are contract extension cards among others. My question is, how can you possibly keep contracts extended, when you only get one extension card per pack? Even buying the silver & gold packs it just seems there is really now way to keep up.

Now, I have a team with some good players, no contract extension cards, & my only real option is playing the low rated players on "pro" difficulty so I can actually earn a decent amount of points after each game.

Anyhoo...thoughts? Suggestions?



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You use the contract extensions on your "good players".

Still seems way to difficult to keep them playing.

To make this work without spending any real money you have to build your coin vault by playing games offline.  To do this you should be investing in bronze and or silver packs first.  You will get decent but not great players to fill your roster at ALL positions so you can at least field a team.

Now for the the tricks of the trade.... Go to your MY settings in madden main menu and make some easy adjustments to your game play.

1.  Change your skill level to ALL Madden

2.  Adjust offsides slider to Zero

3.  Change CPU skill set ALL to Zero.

4.  Save settings.

Now your ready to play some games vs the cpu in MUT..  

Make sure to at least play 5 minute quarters and select anyone you want to play.  While on D use can be offsides and make plays without a penalty.  Just make sure not to touch a player before the snap.  Cheesy I agree, but for you to beat any of the better teams in ALL Madden this is how you can accomplish that and gain decent coins for later use.

After each game you will get your coins for winning,which should be around 2k depending on score, yards etc...  With your starter packs you should have a good ten games you can play before you need to worry about contract extensions. .  Make sure to not use your better players at all or they will loose a contract for playing in that particular game.

You should be able to get 20k - 40k coins in a  decent amount of time.  Make sure to check the Collections feature and start collecting stadium, coach and player cards for each of the collections.  Some of the collections will net you 50k ... so make sure to know your collection sets...

Good luck .....

Wow. Nice info bro...never even thought of this. I've already burned out some of my superstar players, got my collections started & basically got tired or struggling to aquire points. I don't play on-line, just against the CPU. I'll give your method a go & see if I can get some coin. Thanks!

while that mode may be effective, it seems brutally boring.

Yes, it does.

Nice tip..

hey man wat i do is when i get a good bit of coin i purchase a cheap pack u always get at least one extension in it then the players i get i just sell them cuz no need for them when u have good ones so u get a lil bit of coin an wat u need also try an get the collections done to u get a good bit of coin for them plus a card so that helps but i got a couple contracts if u want hit me up an ill hook u up man but thats wat i do buy cheap packs an sell unwanted cards