Must play on NIGHTMARE

 I started on NIGHTMARE from the very beggining and its a PERFECT SETTING. Not too easy, and def. not too hard. I would breeze through on normal!!!!


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Im going in order starting with Normal. I have to do that because I'm still getting use to the controls. From playing this, Dead Island, Gears 3 and Fear recently I get so confused on what buttons do what lol. But in definitely looming forward to the Nightmare run.

Cool story bro!

yes Normal does seem to easy, in the past Nightmare was were the baddies were more of them and they healed faster.

I just don't have it (skills).  It took me forever and a year to beat that Dead City level on Normal.  

I played through on Hard my first time and it was way too easy, just breezed through the game pretty much. I'm going through again on Nightmare and it's still not very challenging.

Yeah I'm still playing through on Normal, it's pretty easy. I'm just sidetracking alot right now to look for things sk I think I'm going to jump right to Nightmare after this run.

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I just don't have it (skills).  It took me forever and a year to beat that Dead City level on Normal.  

[/quote]Normal mode is not a breeze like the OP say. I rather play a campaign well balanced the first time than a campaign while i often die just because i think that brag about it is really "challenging".

From what I hear there isn't that much of a difference from normal to nightmare, I had problems at time on normal playthrough. Nothing like COD on veteran, but some tough spots.

I learned quickly just how to SAVE a LOT, it is like playing BioShock with the Vitachambers off on hard. You start a level, you save about five times or more throughout it.