Music While Gaming?

Pro's and Con's to it:



1. You feel relatively **** doing <blank> to your favorite song or type of music.

2. It makes for a good feature, if your not in "unison" with the games soundtrack.

3. Power over the Ambient Sounds, can make all the difference



1. Could be Distracting at the wrong time.

2. It becomes a problem if your without a headset (game chat*)

3. The wrong song might come on, and throw off your "game"


Personally, i listen to game soundtracks.

Halo, Gears, and some CoD that i found from Mdub2.

But if i get "outrageous", i mix it up with some mau5, Ac/Dc, Conway Twitty, and more.


So, elite Xbox Forum Inhabitants.

Which songs / type of music do you listen to, if any?

(P.S: This was added because, i grew up listening to the music on this dashboard<3)

Plus, it helps "set the mood"


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Rap, Rock and Japanese Pop.

Listening to my own music in games just takes away from the game and makes it less enjoyable.

The only time I do it is if it's a sports game that uses the custom music feature such as NHL or Fifa. If it doesn't have that option then I turn music off completely(like Madden)

I listen to mostly Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Linkin Park and Elena Siegman's Zombie songs. My rap doesn't fit too well into COD gameplay but the rock and metal I guess are fine.

I used to take advantage of the custom soundtracks for the games that supported it last gen. This gen, it is almost useless because you cannot set up your music to interact with the game. When the 360 released, I expected some really cool soundtrack options. How cool would it have been to play something like the opening riff to Master of Puppets when your player levels up or even when you unlock an achievement. They took the lazy approach instead with only standard media player that plays in the background.

I tend not to listen to music while playing.  In multiplayer games, I rely on audible cues as well as visual ones.  Such as hearing a shotgun being reloaded in the next room.  I now know there is an opponent with a shotgun in the next room, so I adapt my playstyle accordingly.  If music was playing, I may have missed that.

And for singleplayer, I find it more immersive to listen to it as it was designed.  But that is just me though.  

Also, I miss the blades dashboard.  Greatest dashboard of all time!!!


i like listening to johnny cash when i played new vegas

The only games I can play music to is racing games, since there isn't any dialogue, just roaring engines.

Throw on some Falling IN Reverse, Devil wears Prada, and "old" Escape the Fate with Ronnie.

Metal, such as Metallica, Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine and Megadeth... Rock such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rap, including Eminem and Cypress Hill.

I'm always listening to music while I'm playing. It's mostly r&b.

I'm finding Quarrel is a great game to listen to some music whilst playing. I set up a match with no time limits on word creation, slap on some music and just chill.

My song of choice for this at the moment is:

(sorry the vid isn't showing up. Damn thing)

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