Music from DLNA in origilan order

Hi All,

i try to search an answer with no succes.

I had about 300 Cd at home and I would like to rip it inside a NAS / DLNA system to listen trought the Xbox

I start to rip it with WIndows Media Player and everything work fine, but as soon I start to listen it with Xbox , I discover that they are displayed (and play) in alphabetical orede and not as the original order on the CD play.

It means that a CD like "The wall" from Pink floyd (or most of this album) will be a nightmare.

I am able to listen this album only in Alphabetical senquende line (a,b,c ecc...)

Do you know how I can overlap this issue?

I thy to set up Windows Media Player with different rip sequenze like

01_song name

01Song Name

01-Song name

eccc.....but always displaued in alphabetical language.

I have the same issue if i listen this song trought an LG TV (alphabetical list)

If i listen trough Windows media player the seuqential of the song is the same as on the CD

Thank you for your support


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