Murder custom game on Minecraft. Need players (16+) XBOX360

Basically my lil' bro' created that notorious gamemode Murder from G-Mod, if you're not familiar, look at the blue text.

I am basically wanting some chill people to play this game with. It's better with more people. Fail to follow rules, we'll kick you from the party and game. Simple as that.

We have four players already. All are 18+ except for my brother. We're looking for people to joke around with too, friends, players, whatever. Joke around, terrible jokes, messed up jokes, I don't care, but take the game seriously by the rules too. Meh. 'Das it. Just add Deep Sea Doll, and send a message too. 

Each person is assigned a role of either the Murderer, the Armed Civilian, or the Casual Civilian. All skins are the same, Gamertags are disabled, and the goal is for the murderer to kill everyone. No one knows who's role is what, so yeah. Armed civilian's job is to kill the murderer and protect the casuals. Just message me on Xbox360 if you have questions.


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