Multipler tip I just learned

Ok, so you know when your hallow right, and you put your sign on the ground, and someone summons you. You join their game, and you take some damage from fighting enemies. And you want to heal, well your flask is greyed out, and you can't use it. Well I learned something else to help with that. If you have the miricle spell HEAL, you can use that to heal yourself and you can use that five times.


Last night I was in the depths and since I didn't know the area, I wanted to join someones games and go through the area and learn it, and know that if I die, I won't loss my souls or humanity in someone elses game, so this allows me to explore with no risk plus have the help of another person. So someone summoned me(FINALLY) and I took some damage a bit, and I noticed when I was scrolling through my spells, my miracle spells wasnt greyed out like I thought it was, so I used it just to see if it would work, and yup, I got healed.


So my advice to you guys, if you havent gotten any miracle spells nor the healing spell, and you play co-op a lot by joining people games, i'd advise you to get that spell from the fat guy in firelink shrine. You need at least 12 faith to use the spell and the talisman.


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I have the healing spell, but I keep forgetting to attune it.  I have Soul Arrow for some reason (which is incredibly dumb, I'm a Knight in huge armor.)

I have a bow and a ton of arrows though.  Guess I don't need Souls Arrow anymore.  Was using it to pull enemies for a bit in the beginning., but the bow works way better.

I talked to the fatty three times i think but he only gave me some item. How do u get him to sell u the Miracles?

To also add to the OP's point. When you summon someone, you can fill their health with your flasks, so everytime you drink a flask that will heal an amount of your summoned player's health. So this means that you need to keep an extra eye on their health! This is very important in boss fights when you plan on using meat sheilds!

I think you have to join his covenant for him to sell you the spells. He just kept rambling about non sense until I joined his covenant and then he asked me if I wanted to learn miracles from him.

I never joined the covenant from him. You have to talk to him a few times before he tells you he's rambling. Sometimes, if you exit out and try talking to him again, he'll start up his ramble once more instead of directly showing you miracles.