Multiple xbox on family pass

Hi, just wondering if I get my 2 daughters seperate xboxes can all three of us share a family pass even though we are on three seperate machines. I still want them to be able to download demos and xbox live games to there own hard drives so I can free up mine, thanks



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If you purchase the Family Gold Plan then you can add up to FOUR accounts and each account can then be moved to another console. They have to be on the one console initially.


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The only problem will be with license transferring.  I currently have three xboxes . . and sometimes play on a fourth.  I download my games to the primary xbox, then can license transfer to a second xbox, but then I can only download the games on the third and fourth for ME to play alone.  The game will be stored on the hard drive, but not accessible to other users.  So, if for example you download peggle to your machine and license transfer it to daughter #1's machine, daughter #2 will not be able to play it on her machine . . .

I wish there was a way to sublicense the dlc to accounts as long as they  are in the family plan.  When they leave the sublicense could expire.

Agreed.   The whole idea of a family gold plan is pretty pointless when all the members can't share the games.  Just make sure they are all the same IP and all family members should be able to download and play all DLC.  No different then someone going to the living room to get a game to play in their room.  People still pirate, and families miss out.

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  The whole idea of a family gold plan is pretty pointless when all the members can't share the games. 


Not really pointless. How about the fact you get 4, yes 4 gold accounts for $100 instead of $60 each. Plus you get the added option to view reports on when and what each account has been playing. You also have the ability to change any accounts settings for the main profile even if they are all on different units. Thats not pointless to me or the several others out there that have family gold.