Multiple Stuns in a Single Engagement (How to Do/How to Defend Against)

It happens TO me all the time. A group of guys will blast out 2-3 smoke bombs and mutes one after the other, and I'll get stunned until I pound x enough to kill one of them or a teammate shows up. Two questions about this:

1. Whenever I try to do this, I'll get the first stun and maybe even one of his teammates and then drop a smoke bomb, but whenever I try to stun a pursuer for the 2nd time, it won't give me the option. IThe B ****on won't appear over his head. I end up standing there until my smoke is cleared and he's ready to kill me. How do you know when a guy is re-stunable? Is the trick to have a teammate and stun each pursuer one time before you bail out?

2. On the same note, what's a good defense for groups that are going for multiple stuns? The best I've figured is to stay out of it until the smoke clears, but by then they're off and running and I get wreckless or hidden gun kills that aren't worth much.


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i think it has something to do with when he can kill you again as far as restunning. since he lost you as a contract he has to wait a few seconds to be able to contract you again. so your best bet is to run if its just you. if you have a teammate there then go for the stun chain. as for defending against it you can climb something to get an aerial kill but you will still get stunned if there a multiple targets together. if you do get stunned and you know they are going to chain it just press Y and you will respawn somewhere else

when playing with friends we either use deside on somone as a decoy or if we know they like stun locking aka using spoke to stun and stun we usually go to the roof they cant deffend agaisnt roofers with that and to awnser ur first question when u stun somone they lose the contract so ud have to wait for them to re aquire u so best bet is to get a friend to stun them cause their still a target to the person u stunned